New Look 6515

Fall Plaid Shirt- New Look 6561

Hooray…I made my first plaid shirt!!! I’ve been wanting to sew a plaid button down shirt for a few years and I finally did it. 😊 There are so many button down shirt patterns to choose from that I really had a hard time deciding which one I should try making first. But I decided on New Look 6561 view B, because I wanted a button down shirt that was more relaxed (roomy) that the classic button down shirt.

New Look 6561

This pattern was fairly easy to sew and I really enjoyed making it. Especially, since I didn’t run into any problems.  I don’t have much experience sewing collars. So I was afarid that the collar would be hard for me to sew. But I followed the directions from one of the collar tutorials from Closet Case Patterns and it worked out great. I didn’t get the collar stand to meet up perfectly with the front of the shirt, but it turned out good enough. 🙂

New Look 6515

Another part of my shirt that didn’t turn out perfectly was my attempt to match the plaids. See how those yellow lines on the left and the right side of the shirt don’t match up? Oh well, hopefully my next attempt at matching plaids will turn out better. 

New Look 6561

While there is a lot that I like about the design of New Look 6561. I don’t quite like how bulky the sleeves are around the wrist. Which is why I rolled them up in these pictures. I imagine that I’ll probably always roll them up when I wear this shirt. I also felt like the front of the shirt was a bit bulky too. Which is why I tied it up in the front.

I think both of my dislikes are probably from me being rather small. So things can be a bit much for my frame. I just need to learn to do a better job of picking out patterns that are better suited for my frame and altering patterns to achieve the look that I want.

New Look 6561

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  • Reply Abi June 26, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Thanks for this post – one of only two reviews of this pattern I’ve found online. Great photos!

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