About Me

Hey!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I’m Sonya Kendall, I’m many things but my favorite titles are wife and mom. 🙂 I’ve been married to my husband for almost 13 years (time truly does go by fast because it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since we got hitched).

We are blessed with two kids ages 9 and 5. I’m thankful that I get to spend my days at home with my kiddos homeschooling them. Homeschooling has its rough days (like when it’s 3 pm and we are still doing lessons because my kids are distracting each other), but overall it’s a been great for our family.

Now that you know about my family life. Here are some random things about me:

  •  I started learning how to sew almost a year ago and I LOVE SEWING!!! My first sewing project was new pillow covers that turned out really great, which gave me the confidence to start sewing my own clothes. Not everything I’ve made has been as easy as those pillowcases, but it’s all been a fun learning experience. And I’m totally obsessed with planning sewing projects and buying fabric.
  • My favorite TV show is Scandal. Even with everything that’s happened between Olivia & Fitz’s I still want them to make it to Vermont.
  • I love watching documentaries and my favorite documentaries are usually on PBS.
  • I’m a Mama’s Girl. I LOVE my mama and she inspires me to be a better a person all the time.
  • I love pink!!! I have a pink Kitchen Aid Mixer that doesn’t match anything in my kitchen and that’s ok because it’s my favorite color.
  • I don’t drink coffee and I never have.
  • I love the library because they have lots of books & movies for FREE!!! I like to read and the older I get the more I love reading non-fiction books. There was a time when I only read fiction books for fun. Now I mostly read non-fiction books for fun. 🙂
  • I love Disney World it’s just so magical and fun.
  • I’ve never been outside of the United States, but I hope to change that one day. I would love to travel around the world with my family.